Terms of service

These terms of service or general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to your rights and obligations when using www.coatingradar.com. We object to the validity of conflicting terms and conditions. Your intermediary partner is COATING RADAR (Schlierseestr. 83, 81539 Munich, Germany). You can find more detailed information about us in our privacy statement.

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COATING RADAR is media owner, operator and responsible for the contents on these web pages according to the following general trading conditions.


1 Registration, services & liability

1.1 COATING RADAR provides you with a platform for searching for coating companies and services and for initiating contracts in this context. The use of certain functions – such as sending search requests or registering for our “deal alert” newsletter (by means of the “Coating Company Sign-Up”) – requires you to provide information and data in advance.

1.2 The current scope of our services is, on the one hand, the sending of search requests. Once we have received your request, we will check your details and try to put you in touch with the appropriate coating company. There will be no contract between you and us. We only act as an “intermediary” between two parties. We also assume no liability for the business relationship and any related activities that may arise from our mediation. On the other hand, we offer the possibility of registration (by means of the “Coating Company Sign-Up”) for our “deal alert” newsletter to wage coaters or coating companies. At regular intervals, we inform subscribers to the newsletter about search queries that we have received. If a wage coater is interested in a search query, we again act as an intermediary. The requesting organization is presented anonymously in our newsletter. Here, too, we assume no liability for the business relationship and all associated activities that may arise from our mediation.

1.3 You are obliged to provide correct and complete information, in particular about your identity and e-mail address, both when sending a search query and when registering for our “deal alert” newsletter (using the “Coating Company Sign-Up”).

1.4 Please check afterwards to our mediation or before placing an order with the contractor selected by you whether he has the necessary qualifications for the execution of the order and whether the offer includes all the services and quality features you require.

1.5 Please also note that the contractual relationship regarding the execution of the order is exclusively between you and the contractor. The content of the contract is based on your agreements and the applicable contract law.

1.6 You are obliged to provide correct and complete information, in particular about your identity and e-mail address, both when sending a search query and when registering (by means of the “Coating Company Sign-Up”) for our “deal alert” newsletter.

1.7 You can also always reach us via the contact form or via the e-mail address info@coatingradar.com.


2 Use & availability of our services

2.1 We will endeavour to avoid restrictions, impairments, disconnections or other restrictions on the use of the Services to the extent technically possible. Please note that, given the current state of communications technology, we cannot completely rule out such restrictions. This applies to those contents and transmission paths which lie outside our sphere of influence.

2.2 The maintenance and further development of our services are subject to temporary restrictions on use. We make sure that these remain to a reasonable extent for you.

2.3 You may only use our Services in a manner or for a purpose that does not violate these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law or violate any rights of any third party. Please pay particular attention:

  • Your use must not infringe any copyright, trademark or other proprietary right of any third party.
  • You may not distribute any unsolicited mass mailings.

2.4 We draw your attention to the legal provisions for combating undeclared work. The execution of orders which are to be executed in violation of such provisions or other statutory regulations is prohibited. This shall also apply to preparatory actions aimed at the execution of an order by undeclared work, for example in order to obtain the order outside COATING RADAR in violation of statutory provisions.

2.5 If you culpably violate these GTC or applicable law, we may take the necessary measures. In the case of minor breaches, these may be limited to the indication that the GTC, statutory provisions or the duty of consideration have been breached. Serious breaches may result in temporary or total suspension of individual services or your access or even termination without notice.


3 Your information & data

3.1 We offer you the possibility to send a search request. For this purpose, you can enter certain details and information in our “request tool”.

3.2 We do not claim any rights to use or exploit your data and information.

3.3 You must have the necessary rights to all data and information that you post or make accessible as part of our services. Therefore, please check whether you have the necessary rights before publishing any content.

3.4 We are entitled to block content that you have posted if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that this content violates legal provisions or these General Terms and Conditions or infringes the rights of third parties. A justified suspicion exists in particular, if official or criminal investigations are conducted against you because of contents, which you stopped. We can maintain the blocking until the suspicious facts have been cleared. We reserve the right to check contents that you post in publicly accessible areas before they are activated and, if necessary, to reject them.


4 Use of your personal data

4.1 We use your personal data exclusively for the provision and use of our services, unless a further use of data is provided for by law or unless you have given your express consent.

4.2 Details on the processing of your personal data can be found in a separate data protection declaration.


5 Changes to the general terms and conditions & changes to services

5.1 We are entitled to amend these general terms and conditions at any time with effect for the future in accordance with the following procedure. We will inform you about the changes by e-mail at least three weeks before the planned entry into force. You may object to the changes within three weeks of receipt of the notification. If there is no objection or if you expressly agree to the changes, the changes will take effect on the notified date of entry into force. If you object in due time, the contract will be continued under the previous conditions. Together with the planned changes, we will inform you of your right to object, the deadline to be met and the consequences of the objection or the expiry of the deadline.

5.2 Insofar as the amendment affects material contractual obligations for you or for us (i.e. obligations the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper performance of the agreement and the fulfilment of which the other party may regularly rely on), the reservation of the right to amend shall only apply if the amendment is reasonable for you taking our interests into account. This is the case if

a. the change relates to offers, services or areas of COATING RADAR which are not subject to payment and we ensure that at the time the change comes into effect any current invitations to tender remain unaffected by the change, or

b. the change relates to paid offers, services or areas of COATING RADAR and we ensure that you remain unaffected by the functions, services and areas that have already been charged for.