As one of the leading global players Chemetall is familiar with surface treatment in all its facets. The chemical treatment of metal surfaces is their core competence. Their products are developed for cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals – used in the most diverse industry sectors from automotive to aerospace. Among other methods they are experts in the following fields:

  • Anodizing
  • Conversion coatings
  • Electrical insulating coating
  • Activation & Passivation

They are also offering consulting for the treatment of metal surfaces before they enter the paint shop. A close cooperation with all important market leaders in the field of painting is essential for this because, at the end of the process chain, only the paint system in combination with the adequate pretreatment process will generate a quality result. For this reason the conduct customer-specific paint tests on test panels or on the respective components. The following coating methods are available for this:

  • Electro-coating
  • Spray coating (automatically and manually)
  • Powder coating
  • Simulation coil coating

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