Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coating Radar?

The Coating Radar is an emerging B2B-Matchmaking-Platform that brings together the demand and the supply side in the coating industry. We are focusing on the market for coating services what means that we connect the potential business customer of a coating service with the relevant coating shop or job coater.

What problems do you address?

There are usually two “sides” which should be brought together with the help of a platform. In our case, we have very different industries on the demand side, such as the automotive industry, plant and mechanical engineering, medical technology, construction and sanitary industry or aerospace. The potential customers of a coating service often have problems finding a suitable job coater, as the coating industry is very diverse. We reduce the search, planning and coordination effort for them through fast and efficient matching. For the coating companies, we generate high-quality leads, what should result in a better utilization of the existing capacities.

Is your approach new or innovative?

Platforms that bring supply and demand together are not new. In the coating industry, companies like “Ayold” or different mostly analogue industry registers are already trying to do this. In our opinion, however, industry registers are no longer necessary. Due to the large number of job coaters, which are mostly highly specialized, a simple listing of different coating companies is not sufficient or does not bring any added value for the potential customer. In addition, certain information from both sides is required in order to achieve a precise matching. Here, we see ourselves as pioneers. All activities that contribute to the digitalization of the coating industry are great, in our opinion, and we are open to cooperate.

What is the coating industry?

The coating industry is an important industry because almost everything is coated in some way. In general, a certain component is coated to protect it from certain influences (e.g. weather, wear). In 2016, this industry generated sales of EUR 7.6 billion in Germany.

What is a coating service company?

A coating serice company (also job coater or coating shop) is a company that coats something on behalf of another company. For the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) we estimate, based on industry statistics, that there are around 1,500 job coaters. The majority of these companies are small and medium-sized enterprises with less than 100 employees.

Do you need support?

Oh yes! We would be especially pleased about an intensive exchange with job coaters. In addition, we are looking for potential investors and cooperation partners who can identify themselves with the coating industry and our idea. And we are always happy to receive messages from friendly and competent people who would like to enrich our team!

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